Thank you to all those that submitted their innovative projects though the Open Call for Ecocity World Summit 2023. Submissions were evaluated and selected by our Academic and Programme Committees.

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  • A-34: Connecting (Eco)city knowledge needs with solutions - The City Research and Innovation Agenda, a pathway to transforming ambition into future action

    Cathy Oke

  • A-221: Carbon Footprint Reporting : A Case Study Comparison of Higher Educational Facilities

    Farah Shoukry

  • A-88: Living Roofs for Climate Positive Design

    Pablo La Roche

  • A-150: Urban planning for population physical activity, health and wellbeing - the Resistant Cities: Urban Planning as Means for Pandemic Prevention (RECIPE)project

    Raija Korpelainen

  • A-217: Reducing overheating in buildings with passive solar systems made from textile wastes

    Michael M. Santos

  • A-32: Build Carbon Recycled City in post pandemic era

    Siu Kiu Suen

  • A-67: Tokikoa: a regenerative solution for wool waste in the Basque Country.

    María Roig

  • A-130: Intertidal Objects: Ecological Coastal Armoring Units

    Marcus Carter

  • A-159: Need for Reed - Exploring the use of reed (phragmites australis) in different building elements and the benefits of local reed production

    Miriam Kreysel

  • A-166: Urban gardens networks in Mexico City: a pathway to build a sustainable city

    José Alberto Lara-Pulido

  • A-169: Guidelines and Regulations for the Resilience of Care Provision to rising Temperatures: Findings from a participatory Design Stakeholder Workshop

    Eleni Oikonomou

  • A-173: Participatory Design: Lessons in Environmental Care: Understanding our Environment through Air

    Hester Buck

  • A-174: Building an Equitable Future through Makerspaces by Fostering Collaboration and New Technologies with Makers: 5 Cases from London

    Nurgul Yardim Mericliler

  • A-214: Energy retrofitting of Existing Buildings to Enhance the Thermal Comfort of Users During the Winter Season - the case of Palestine

    Amira Elnokaly

  • A-233: Engaged: a toilet on every high street

    Maurizio Mucciola

  • A-312: Reclaiming the Counterfeit Industry: the Louis Vuitton Fake

    Laura Holtslag-Alvarez

  • A-339: Overcoming the ‘Dark of Innovation’ for Healthy Ecosystems and Equitable Development in Nambia

    Adil Sait

  • A-29: Critical zones observatory in São Paulo megacity, Brazil

    Rosely Imbernon

  • A-44: Developmental processes and core scenarios of smart city transformations

    Yuxi Dai

  • A-333: Urban walking tours as a tool to connect communities and green our cities.

    Duncan Crowley

  • A-14: Adapting the urban governance system to multi-species cities of tomorrow: an original Participatory System Combining Urban Planning and Science for the new bioclimatic urban plan of Paris, France

    Amélie Dakouré

  • A-207: An Investigation into Urban Ecosystem Restoration to Address the issues presented in the Climate-Biodiversity-Society Nexus.

    Hannah Pownall

  • A-268: Urban Practices for Commonning Spaces: A case study in the Kaimakli neighborhood in Nicosia

    Veronika Antoniou

  • A-198: From historic districts with resilience hubs to ecocities: Results from a participatory action case study on recovering from expected flooding under residential buildings

    Richard Smith

  • A-176: Association between nature relatedness and physical activity in adults—a population-based northern Finland birth cohort 1986 study

    Tiina Lankila

  • G-106: Policy proposals for the built and natural environment

    Simon Foxell

  • G-109: Supporting Hackney Wick's pioneering approach to becoming a circular community

    Carolina Eboli

  • G-115: Softurb, an online tool and social platform to map, visualize, and help fundraise for socio-urban initiatives for greener, more equitable, and more resilient cities.

    Matias Gatti

  • G-181: Rainwater Harvesting Tower

    Tare Egbedi

  • G-241: Ukuaji - A framework for local growth

    Alexander Frehse

  • G-247: Oikos of the Pyrocene - Ecology/Economy in the Age of Megafires

    Alexandra Souvatzi

  • G-13: Republic at East India Dock, London E14

    Joe Bamber

  • G-16: The Paper Garden: an educational ecology garden and circular economy building growing food and community in South London.

    Jan Kattein

  • G-26: Growable Graphics

    Trixi Marx

  • G-52: Home.Building Program

    Anat Levy

  • G-54: Towards Spatial Justice: The Value of Co-design

    Jane Wong

  • G-71: Un día en el monte. Mediator devices for the reconnection with the territory.

    Iñaki Cancillo Mora

  • G-82: Guided Organic Growth: A Paradigm Shift in New City-Making

    Heba Elhanafy

  • G-89: Creating community spaces: transformation proposal for the Ebertplatz square in Cologne, Germany, with the intention to activate the public space, densify the existing cultural functions and make people feel the square as their home.

    Martha Seitanidou

  • G-110: Creating Community and Consensus on the Doughnut in a Global City – Enabling London to thrive, whilst respecting the wellbeing of all people, and the health of the whole planet.

    Chris Paddock

  • G-117: Green Maps spread awareness of local progress toward sustainability, highlighting resources that help communities meet the challenges of the climate crisis. Impacting 65 countries, Green Map System supports local leadership by sharing open source icons an

    Wendy Brawer

  • A-125: A Study on Recreational Facilities of Large-Scale Apartment Complex in Dhaka City

    Mohibbullah Al Mafi

  • G-124: Paradise Parking Plots: The transformation story of one unused parking lot into a thriving community garden, flood mitigating feature, food forest, and public greenspace. It is the manifestation of a dream to improve food access, build community, and fost

    Logan McClish

  • G-127: Creating an inclusive Experience for fully accessible EV Charging

    Joey Dabell

  • G-79: Edible sea-scapes

    Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas

  • G-141: Barbican Podium - Life on the Woodland Edge Creating Thriving Places for People and Nature

    Neil Manthorpe

  • G-137: Fortune Tellus: Activating the radical imagination at the powerful intersection of self, community and climate action.

    Purvisha Sutaria

  • G-142: Participatory Housing - what is the role of participation in the delivery of community-led housing and can participation unlock health equity within housing.

    Sem Lee

  • G-149: Visions for Northolt; Future neighbourhood 2030 Strategy. Connecting communities to tackle the climate and ecological crisis and secure an equitable future for Northolt.

    Sara Perera-Hammond

  • G-165: Involving the community to promote urban development in the city of Buenos Aires.

    Alvaro García Resta

  • G-177: The increasing responsibility for and recognition of cities supporting global biodiversity.

    Audrey Timm

  • G-189: Wild Streets - the world's first Augmented Reality app for urban greening

    Jai Sandhu

  • G-209: Historic Buildings of the future: A toolkit for carbon reduction and climate resilience

    Laura Baron

  • G-232: Making the case for nature-based investment for resilient future cities: Using the Liverpool GreenUP Project Case Study to demonstrate how small interventions can have a net-positive impact on the urban environment.

    Matthew Jessop

  • G-222: The Energy Plug: a modular design solution for adapting repurposed obsolete industrial structures to carbon-neutral performance

    Brendan Macfarlane

  • G-235: MYCOstratum: Layered Multi-Material Bioremediation

    Natalia Piórecka

  • G-262: Regenerative Design: Available solutions to mainstream circular construction and material reuse to ensure buildings and urban places have a net-positive impact on the environment

    Tessa Devreese

  • G-249: Catharijnesingel - Utrecht (NL)

    Wim Voogt

  • G-28: Biourbanism: A resilience model for cities

    Adrian McGregor

  • G-152: CityAdapt: Connecting Cities with Nature

    Irati Aguinagalde

  • G-153: Nature4Cities: Increasing Resilience through Nature-based Solutions in Latin American Cities

    Ophélie Drouault

  • G-266: The Oasis centre - A design toolkit for integration in collaboration with refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester

    Beena Nouri

  • G-267: Farsons Old Brewhouse and Trident Park – redefining the Maltese workplace.

    Jonathan Shaw

  • G-270: Mainstreaming biodiversity for urban resilience: a case study on Urban Natural Assets (UNA) and INTERACT-Bio - Integrated action on biodiversity

    Ursula Wellmann

  • G-269: Roots in the Sky: a lesson in reprioritising nature and community in the way we design buildings and regenerate our cities. Described by the GLA as ‘an exemplary scheme that demonstrates what is possible when urban greening is truly considered as a fundam

    Clive Nichol

  • G-271: Terra Ex Machina: The application of bio-based binders for soil improvement in the context of earthen construction and impact printing additive manufacturing

    Kenneth Neil Wilson Rozas

  • G-285: Adapting design to ensure thermal comfort for local communities and lifestyles

    Avgousta Stanitsa

  • G-287: Transforming traditional design approaches for understanding urban microclimates by integrating connected digital ecosystems

    Avgousta Stanitsa

  • G-289: Urban Community Index – a dynamic urban data platform to facilitate the development of flourishing and resilient urban communities

    Ruth Hynes

  • G-297: Together in Thamesmead: exploring citizen collaboration and the democratic design of nature-based solutions in urban areas

    Nicola Murphy-Evans

  • G-298: A Green Corridor Approach to Resilient, Inclusive and Healthy Communities & Places

    Alexia Lozano Ruiz

  • G-302: Lamu: Sustainable Urban Economic Development for a World Heritage Site through Blue Economy, Urban Planning and Innovative solutions.

    Davide Minniti

  • G-300: Beyond Cleansing : Transitioning towards Socio-Ecological Resilience in the Ganges River Basin

    Jahnavi Bhatt

  • G-303: Designing Environmentally Informed Facades for Algae Growth using Digital Fabrication

    Dana Molzhigit

  • G-306: Mayfield, Manchester

    David West

  • G-317: Govan Graving Docks: Reconnecting the River City

    Jennifer O'Donnell

  • G-336: Living with earthquakes. From a community map to strategies for constructing a resilient future of Falerone

    Michal Saniewski

  • G-320: Enhancing Wadis Networks in Greater Muscat to Protect and Sustain the Healthy ecosystem of the City

    Yaqoub Alharthi

  • G-337: Future Islands

    Bryan Strom

  • G-85: Health and biodiversity in small inner city green spaces. Islington Council, Friends of St John’s Garden and Central District Alliance BID are collaborating to enhance St John’s Garden, to deliver on Islington and Camden Council's Parks for Health Strateg

    Lucy Minyo

  • G-158: Watering without water: an ancient technique of cultivation for the future of cities

    Mattia Donato

  • G-273: Cheapside Park - Shaping Cities, A Repositioned Nirvana

    Darren Comber

  • G-223: Key Cities: “Emissions down, levelling up” report

    Kevin Fenning

  • 323: The United Repair Centre, rethinking the fashion industry business models: Mainstream repairing as a way forward for enabling responsible behaviours towards social and environmental impact. The endeavour of a social enterprise in the Netherlands.

    Maria Jimenez

  • G-208: Ko(r)vai. Let us weave our stories together.

    Udhaya Vauhini

  • G-238: Kampala Arts Centre: a collaborative approach to building sustainable community art space in East Africa

    James Hampton

  • G-148: The Green Mile: Turning the Stadhouderskade Street into the most green, vital and future-proof street for people, plants and animals in Amsterdam.

    Olga Kotta

  • G-279: Creating a ‘Circular Lifestyle’ – Delivering a development that is truly in line with circular economy principals

    Laurie Chetwood

  • G-224: Regenerative Urban Spine _ Regenerative Design Principles for the Existing Urban Street Section and Public Realm

    Marie Haase

  • G-281: Salutation Works - a multi-storey mixed workspace and industrial scheme designed for its urban community

    Alex Crane

  • G-282: Analysing human emotional responses to building and space design to capture wellbeing and identify how we evoke happiness in urban environments

    Erika Parn

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