Sponsorship Opportunities for Ecocity World Summit 2023

Tuesday 05 July 2022

Q&A with Kirstin Miller, Chief Executive, Ecocity Builders

The Ecocity World Summit is coming to London next year, to garner ideas and carve out plans for more socially responsible and sustainable cities. The programme will focus on four key topic areas – Biodiversity, New Lifestyles, Healthy Ecosystems and Regenerative Design, under the over-arching theme of ‘Connecting Communities’

Partner organisations will play an integral part of this vital summit, finding solutions and raising awareness about the future of our cities worldwide. 

  • Be seen and heard in front of city planners, academics, and policymakers from around the world
  • Share and disseminate knowledge and learnings from your city or organisation 
  • Showcase your building, development or area through tours and fringe events  
  • Facilitate action, with sessions supporting delegates to deliver on existing Government targets and inform future policy making 
  • Grow your professional network across sectors in London, the UK and globally 

There are a wide range of exciting opportunities to co-curate, sponsor and align your brand with different aspects of the event. The hybrid programme will host a range of activities designed to promote learning, experience, networking, and action, to a 3000+ delegation.

To find out more about the opportunities, please reach out to Isabel at isabel.brull@wearemci.com.

Ecocity World Summits are an initiative by Ecocity Builders. Delivery of the London 2023 Ecocity World Summit is being led by NLA, in partnership with London & Partners and event delivery partner MCI.

Ecocity World Summit 2023, c/o MCI | The Hop Exchange, Suite 7-9, 24 Southwark St, London SE1 1TY

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