Our goal, in line with our theme, is connecting communities. We aim to reach across communities and sectors, connecting experts, innovators, and urban leaders from around the world. We’ll look to explore how co-curation, participation, democratisation of design and transdisciplinary approaches can be applied to the following topic areas. 

Theme & Topics

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A focus on locally and globally restoring and sustaining ecological integrity through species diversity, ecosystem diversity, and genetic diversity.

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Regenerative Design

How can we design, build, and operate our buildings and urban places, to have a net-positive impact on our environment?

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New Lifestyles

How can culture, new technology, urban design, and governance enable sustainable behaviours, and a happy, healthy, and equitable future? 

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Healthy Ecosystems

Finding ways to manage our natural and material resources to sustain healthy and restorative systems.

Principal Supporters

Ecocity World Summits are an initiative by Ecocity Builders. Delivery of the London 2023 Ecocity World Summit is being led by NLA, in partnership with London & Partners and event delivery partner MCI.

Ecocity World Summit 2023, c/o MCI | The Hop Exchange, Suite 7-9, 24 Southwark St, London SE1 1TY

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